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Overhead expenses are a usual problem to most companies. These expenses pertain to all costs except from direct labor costs, direct material costs, and direct expenses of a company. Overhead expenses, therefore, encompass all other fees that a company has to include on their budget, such as fees on accounting, advertising, insurance, interest, legal fees, rent, repairs, travel expenditures, utilities, and telephone bills. While some, of these costs, or in some cases most, are impossible to cut … [Read more...]

Hiring a Company Secretary in Singapore? Read These Five Facts First

Need a Skilled Company Secretary in Singapore? Read These Five Facts First

  Hiring a company secretary as part of registering a business in Singapore may be one of the things that make you scratch your head.   As creative thinkers, we get you.   You are probably worrying about the formalities you have to go through. The transactions you have to undergo. The funds you are afraid to lose.   The irony there is: The same mindset is what triggers the reasons why many startups fail. Data suggests that most of those reasons were … [Read more...]