The Best Automation Tools for Startups 2016

The Best Automation Tools for Startup



Starting a business requires tremendous skill and patience. To make it big in the industry, you need tools to make your operations and tasks simpler and easier to manage. Starting a business in Singapore basically includes registering your business, funding your company, and recruiting talents. However, not all businesses opt to retain the traditional way of performing tasks. Automation, on the other hand, is the mark of modern companies, who want to multitask, be productive and efficient.


Here are some of the best automation tools for your startup business:



Track information and set deadlines for your team. You can write and submit reports faster with Optimizely. You can reorganize data and identify which ones are needed and which ones can be discarded.



This WordPress plugin automatically shares and promotes blog posts once they are published. It minimizes the time and effort you need to publish content.



Determine your potential clients’ behavior as they use your apps and online tools. Take advantage of this automation tool to improve your customer service and monitor how many people are actually engaged in your business.



Organize and conveniently send emails with Mailbox. Emails can be scheduled to reappear in your inbox when you need it. Delete or archive emails using your mobile phone. The app is free and compatible with most smartphones.



With this app, you can call participants to join a mobile conference and even record the calls for future reference. Fuze is easy to install on your mobile phone, which all the more makes it a better choice because you can conduct meetings by setting up the app.



Send out customized emails to your mailing list without spending so much time. You don’t have to send plain emails either; create newsletters and infographics for your clients and team. Simply fill out the contents for targeted campaigns. MailChimp is an effective tool in sending product follow-ups.



Integrate automated communication tools with Slack, an easy-to-install platform. It’s either free or paid, depending on the features that you need. Slack is helpful if you are using file storage apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and email automation tools such as MailChimp and Mailbox.



Synchronize events and conferences seamlessly with Mynd, which allows you to make conference calls easier. Should you have meetings to attend to, Mynd will alert you.



Manage accounts and finances with this tool. Now known as Gusto, it has added benefits and features for companies – workers’ compensation and health insurance.  It has a user-friendly interface and can be managed with minimal training and supervision of your team. This also allows you to file taxes automatically.



This tool works well in invoicing and accounting and is perfect for startups. You can integrate it with Paypal for seamless banking transactions. Xero gives you a real-time view of your cashflow, and transactions are more manageable.



It is advisable for startups to have websites, apps, and promotions to reach a wider market. IconFinder does the job – creates icons for you to use so that clients will better remember your company. However, you may also tap IconFinder and its graphic designers for customized icons.



Do marketing and email automation with just one set-up process. Launch campaigns through automated emails and smart and well-done workflows.



Perfect for ads, Canva is your go-to tool for campaigns, promos, and advertisements. With over a hundred pre-designed templates, fonts, and images, you can create your own header, flyer, and poster for your company.



Identify the content that will best help you in reaching your clientele. You can research popular domains and content. Analyze your content and see how it would fare against your competitors. A well-selected domain name and a well-curated content will make your startup business rise faster to success.


When I Work

Another scheduling tool, When I Work is a mobile app that makes it possible for you to schedule tasks by the hour. You can communicate with employees and send them their work schedules without the fuss.



Interact with employees and boost HR metrics with BambooHR. Collect personal data, synchronize benefits and compensation details for your employees with this manageable tool.



In this age when most documents are sent and shared online, signing them can be quite tricky. HelloSign makes signing files convenient and fast. Though the files are signed digitally, they remain legit. Use this platform to send documents, too. The free plan allows you to sign three files per month, but you can sign more documents with the premium feature.



Follow up clients with products and services even after you have contacted them for a long time. Boomerang cleans up your inbox and archives the emails that you need. By choosing a certain period, these same archived emails will turn up again in your inbox when you need them.



Back up your data with unlimited cloud storage. Subscribe to CrashPlan to secure your files. Rest assured that your data is free from hacks and malware. Aside from storage and security, CrashPlan gives you easy access to all your files through its mobile app.



Contact your team using video and text chats and conduct remote meetings. This tool allows you to connect with your departments and share files with them.



Startups survive through smart and cohesive marketing plans. Infusionsoft can help you with marketing automation by converting leads and providing better customer relationship management (CRM).



Build a custom marketing plan for your business and call on ThriveHive for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing consultations. If your startup has a website, it is a must to keep it on top of other websites. ThriveHive is one of the tools that excel in SEO optimization, and your startup can benefit from it as well.



Engage customers and retain their loyalty with LocalVox. Put your business in front of all the customers and take charge by interacting with your clients. LocalVox helps in local marketing, SEO, business listing management, content creation, reputation management, social media marketing, and online advertisement.



Attract companies that you want within your network and engage them with targeted ads. Demandbase accelerates the conversion of target accounts and turns traffic into sales.


Help your startup grow fast with these automation tools, and you’ll see that setting up a business in Singapore and elsewhere is not as difficult as it seems.

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