Nominee Director Singapore

Nominee Director Singapore


Richmond provides Nominee Director Services to foreign individuals who want to start and operate a business in Singapore.


The Singapore Companies Act mandates foreign individuals who are interested setting up a Singapore-based company to appoint a professional firm and satisfy the minimum requirements of registering a company in the city-state.


Requirements for Singapore Company Incorporation

To successfully incorporate your business, you will need to have the minimum requirements:


  • Shareholder
  • Resident company director
  • Resident company secretary
  • Registered office address
  • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1


If you experience difficulty in appointing a qualified resident director for your Singapore company incorporation, you can appoint a Nominee Company Director for statutory compliance.


The Nominee Company Director must be a resident in Singapore in one of the following situations:


  • Singapore citizen
  • Singapore permanent resident
  • Employment Pass or EntrePass holder
  • Dependant Pass holder


Engaging our Nominee Director Services will guarantee statutory compliance for your company registration in Singapore.


For an annual fee of S$3,500, we will appoint a qualified Nominee Director for your company. We also require a security deposit of S$5,000, which will be refunded should you decide to terminate our Nominee Director Services.


Take note that the appointed Nominee Director will not take on an executive role. This means the Nominee Director will have no operational, management or financial interest in the company. As such, you must have two other company directors who will take on the responsibilities of operating the business.



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