Women’s Business Resources

In the past, business owners were most often male. Today, women of all ages are also starting and successfully running businesses of their own. According to the National Women’s Business Council’s latest survey, there are more than nine million businesses that are owned by women. The path to creating a successful company can be difficult for women, however, as they may face challenges that their male counterparts do not. Fortunately, there are many organizations that can help make the process easier. These organizations often have a number of resources at their disposal, some of which are designed specifically for women. It is important that female entrepreneurs are able to find the right resources to meet their needs and help them in creating a successful business.

American Business Women’s Association

The American Business Women’s Association, or ABWA, is a national organization that was built to aid women in business by helping them with career development and providing education and networking opportunities. On the ABWA website, readers will find the latest news, membership information, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and information about conference events.

Asian Women in Business

This nonprofit organization was founded in 1995 as a way to help Asian female entrepreneurs. The organization provides scholarships for undergraduates and fights to promote opportunities for businesses owned by Asian-American women. Members have access to networking and education opportunities. Access the Asian Women in Business Reference Library by clicking on this link. It features links to information on topics such as starting a business, financial essentials, managing a business, and franchising.

Association of Women’s Business Centers

Founded in 1998, the Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC) has a network of more than 100 Women’s Business Centers. This nonprofit 501(c) organization is meant to help business women succeed through training, financial opportunities, and mentoring. For information on best practices, outcome measurement, and establishing a nonprofit and to view some useful webinars, click this link to visit the AWBC Resources page.

Black Women Enterprises

This organization is meant to help create a path toward success for African-American women who are business owners or who plan to start a business. To do this, it advocates for education, access to capital, and participation in government. Opening this link will take readers to a program overview page that lists benefits such as workshops, technical assistance, conferences, and information on how to do business with the government.

Freelance Mom

Freelance Mom is a website that was created to help women start home-based businesses. The site educates and offers business solutions by allowing visitors to “Ask an Expert,” take advantage of mentoring, or read helpful content. This link opens the site’s Resources page. On this page, visitors will find information and links on setting goals, outsourcing, Web design and hosting, social media, SEO, bookkeeping, and other information needed to run a profitable business.

LiftFund Women’s Business Center

The LiftFund Women’s Business Center is a resource meant for the benefit of female and minority entrepreneurs. Visitors to this page will find information or links regarding services, roundtables, and resources for planning and starting a new business.

National Association for Female Executives

As one of the largest organizations for female business owners and professionals, the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) provides public advocacy for women and offers its members educational, networking, and other resources to encourage success. This link opens up a resource page that includes career-related articles.

National Hispanic Business Women Association

The National Hispanic Business Women Association is a paid membership program that helps Hispanic women succeed in business. Members benefit from seminars, referrals, website marketing campaigns, and scholarships. This link will take visitors to the site’s Build Your Business Page. This page includes links to helpful resources such as banking and IRS information.

The Boss Network

The Boss Network is a network where entrepreneurial women are able to connect and converse with one another online and at events. On this site, business women can watch video interviews, read success stories and insightful posts on the official blog, and advertise on the business directory.

The National Women’s Business Council Resources:

Click this link to visit the National Women’s Business Council website. This is a nonpartisan federal advisory council. It is designed to counsel top government figures such as the president and legislators about issues that relate to female-owned businesses. This link opens to the Resources for Women Entrepreneurs page that includes a list of six resources and a link to Women-Owned Small Business and Women’s Business Enterprise certification.

U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce: Certification

The USWCC, or the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, helps women achieve success in their chosen careers or businesses and holds helpful meetings and Web conferences. Women who click this link will open up the Certification page on the USWCC website. On this page, members have access to four certification options: Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), National Women’s Business Enterprise (NWBE), and International Women’s Business Enterprise (IWBE).


Click this link to visit the website for WomanOwned and create a business profile, advertise, or apply for any one of thousands of grants. Women who join the site, which was founded in 1997, are part of a worldwide organization that serves approximately 3.5 million female business owners. Members have access to resources including business tools, articles, and programs. This link specifically opens a page of government resources such as requests for quotes and small-business contracting information.

National Association of Women Business Owners

Open this link to visit the website for the National Association of Women Business Owners, or NAWBO. This organization has roughly nine million members and was founded in the mid-1970s. Members of NAWBO receive inspiration and support from business women across the country. The page associated with this link provides access to a number of resources, including the NAWBO article and video libraries, templates, member directory, and public talking points. Some of the listed resources are only available to members.

Women Construction Owners & Executives USA

Women Construction Owners & Executives, or WCOE, is an organization that is dedicated to aiding women with businesses in the construction industry. They plan to accomplish this through mentorship, support, information, and assistance from peers. By clicking on this link, readers will find a list of small and woman-owned business reports. Click on any of the titles to read the full report.

Women Impacting Public Policy

This is the website for Women Impacting Public Policy. It is a nonpartisan organization that provides advocacy for female business owners and works with small-business organizations to provide opportunities for women. Clicking this link opens up the Business Knowledge Center on the WIPP site. This page features links to programs that are a part of the WIPP Education Foundation. These programs include Give Me 5, Women Accessing Capital, Women and Technology Today, Entrepreneurs, Energy and Environment, and Export Now.

Women in Technology International

Women in Technology International, or WITI, is an organization designed to help women in the technology industry. It provides women with a number of services and products to help them achieve their professional goals within this industry. These services include small-business programs, national conferences, and more. Clicking this link opens a resources page that features links from the Technology Evaluation Centers, or TEC. This includes links to software evaluation, reports, and templates.

Women’s Opportunities Resource Center

Economically disadvantaged women are the target group for the Women’s Opportunities Resource Center, or WORC. Its goal is to help these women move away from dependency by offering services such as business assistance and financial resources. This link takes visitors to the site’s Business Resources page, which provides links to websites such as the IRS and SBA.

Women’s Small Business Association

The Women’s Small Business Association (WSBA) is meant as a tool for women to help one another start successful businesses. Members are able to attend networking events and take advantage of educational opportunities that arise. On this page, there is a list of some of the networking events held by the WSBA.

Woman Ties

Women who are business owners can get help to expand their business by joining Women Ties. Click the link to open up the Business Resources Directory. This directory is a list of government and local resources for female entrepreneurs.

Women Venture

Women Venture is a website that helps women start sustainable business so that they are able to attain economic stability. With this link, readers are taken to a page of resources and tools provided by Women Venture. This includes links to information sessions, classes, business advice clinics, and events, for example.