Business and Math Games for Kids

Having strong math skills will help you succeed no matter what career you choose. If you think you want to start your own business someday, you will be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and starts a business, working to make it a success. Running your own business means that you need math skills so you will know how to manage your expenses and income. You can learn these skills in school, but you can also get better at them by playing games online.

Business Games

Business games give you a chance to pretend that you are managing a company. Some games have you making food and serving customers. Other games have you tracking your expenses, paying employees, and adding up your profits. Delve into these business simulation games to see what it might be like managing your own company.

  • Papa’s Cupcakeria: To play this game, you have to feed your hungry customers by making cupcakes to order.
  • Be Your Own Boss: Choose your business and see if you can run the company successfully.
  • Amuse Park: In the Amuse Park game, you have to run an amusement park to make it profitable and keep guests happy.
  • Bring Home the Bacon: Serve customers on another planet by making bacon to order.
  • Jesse’s Ice Cream Stand: Figure out how to make an ice cream stand profitable in this game.
  • Ad Decoder: We see advertisements every day, and learning about the messages behind the ads can help you avoid being influenced by them.
  • Understanding Mergers: Sometimes, two companies decide to join together to become one new one. This dialogue can help you understand what happens with a merger.
  • The Entrepreneur Challenge: Do you have what it takes to start your own business? Take this test to find out.
  • Chair the Fed: The Central Bank is in charge of setting America’s monetary policy. Play this game to be chairperson of the Fed.
  • Big Farm: With this game, you’re in charge of a farm, making decisions about the crops you grow to feed your animals.
  • Hot Shot Business: You get to be the hot shot business owner in this game, making daily decisions to keep your company afloat.
  • Gazillionaire Game: It’s all about buying low and selling high to make the most profits in this game that tests your business skills.
  • Money Island: On Money Island, players learn how to make good financial decisions, and they learn the consequences of making not-so-good choices.
  • Escape from Barter Island: Play this game to learn how to barter in a different kind of economy.

Math Games

Strong math skills give you the foundation you need to succeed at business. Memorizing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts can be hard work, but once you know these facts, you will use them all the time. Try playing games to practice your math skills. You will be having fun while you get stronger in math.

  • Island Chase Subtraction: You have to answer the subtraction problems as quickly as you can to win the race.
  • Algebra MatchIt: You will see algebra terms and definitions in this game, which you have to match up.
  • Koala Karts: In Koala Karts, your goal is to count the dots in the box and choose the right number as fast as you can.
  • The Timernator: Solve the addition problems as fast as you can to beat the Timernator.
  • Fraction Matcher: Choose the equivalent fractions in this game to solve the puzzles.
  • Minus Game: Play the Minus Game to practice your subtraction skills.
  • Spooky Sequences: Look at the sequences in this game and figure out the missing numbers to solve them.
  • Chinese Dragon Game: You will be practicing putting numbers in order and sequences in the Chinese Dragon game.
  • Penguin Party: Penguins have numbers on their tummies, and you have to choose the penguin with the number that answers the math problem.
  • Math Man: Math Man needs to solve math equations to eat all of the ghosts in this game.
  • Counting Money: Try the Counting Money game to add up the amount of money in the cash register.
  • Hero Michael: Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to get problems that Hero Michael will need to solve to rescue the lost princess.
  • Drag-n-Drop Math: After you choose the type of problems you want, you will get math equations to solve with this game.
  • Mad Minute Math: See how many multiplication problems you can solve in one minute.
  • UmiCar’s Shape Mountain Race: Race to the top of Shape Mountain by identifying different shapes.
  • Even or Odd Game: This tic-tac-toe game involves putting numbers in different categories depending on whether they are even or odd.
  • Match Around: Match the numbers in this game, working as fast as you can to finish.
  • Dollar Dive: Play Dollar Dive to catch coins that will help you escape from the sea monster.
  • Save Perry’s Pennies: Perry Penny wants to capture as many pennies as he can to win this game.