Life in Singapore – Climate

Singapore’s climate is for the most part similar to its neighboring countries which are also located near the equator. Common weather characteristics that can be observed with regard to the climates in the area include high temperature and high levels of rain. Because also of their location, weather patterns experienced by the people who live in the countries in this region are almost constant with no dramatic changes felt throughout the year. Because of these factors, the chances of predicting … [Read more...]

Comparing Singapore and Thailand

From the onset, it should be plain that Singapore and Thailand have strikingly varying cultures and ways of life that would make one wonder how they came to be such rancorous neighbors. This is in addition to the numerous feuds between the once Cold War allies. This article explores five fronts that markedly define Singapore and Thailand.  Identity   A visit to the Thai capital, Bangkok, as well as to the Singaporean capital, Singapore, reveals a number of subtle observations that … [Read more...]

Comparing Singapore and Vietnam

An effort of comparing Singapore Vietnam needs much more patience than would conventionally be expected. This is because life in the two countries can only be compared to the extreme ends of a pendulum, with a few traces here and there of commonality. Having lived in Vietnam, for example, entry to the life in Singapore is very much akin to entrance to an Aladdin’s cave! Needless to say, however, this article compares the two countries on a number of fronts.   Life Expectancy   To … [Read more...]

Singapore versus Malaysia

The relationship between Singapore and Malaysia can be said to be akin to that of siblings with bitter, but very subtle, rivalry. This article compares and contrasts the two countries on the basis of a number of fronts. What is essential plain is the fact that whereas both countries have made enormous strides in the quest to make advances in various fields, they are distinctly different.  Whereas the citizens of both countries can point to the little economic differences between the … [Read more...]

Comparing Singapore and the Philippines

It is unavoidable that, as at the moment, the place and standing of Singapore is a little farther up the ladder than Philippines. A myriad of factors have, over a number of decades, led to the varied differences to nations that once appeared peers. Whereas it is logical to attribute the differences to the efficient and industrious nature of the Singaporean people, due caution should be observed in drawing such conclusions in the face of an inextricable web of different situations that have faced … [Read more...]