Registration of Company Name

Setting up a company is no easy task, from planning to execution; the process takes a lot of time and effort. One has to start with knowing what their business would offer, who is their target clients, where are they locating the business and what would their company name be. Everything will start from trial and error, especially with one’s business name. At this day and age, businesses come and go, thousands or maybe millions of business have already been established around the world so there … [Read more...]

Company Name Check – Singapore

Registration of company name can be a tedious task, especially if the preferred names of the owners are only reserved or taken. Problems may arise when one will apply for a company or business name that has been taken previously by an already established enterprise. Filing of complaints or lawsuits and even delay in the approval of the application process are just some of the problems that might be encountered when preliminary research regarding company names registration is not done by the … [Read more...]

Call Answering Services

Overhead expenses are a usual problem to most companies. These expenses pertain to all costs except from direct labor costs, direct material costs, and direct expenses of a company. Overhead expenses, therefore, encompass all other fees that a company has to include on their budget, such as fees on accounting, advertising, insurance, interest, legal fees, rent, repairs, travel expenditures, utilities, and telephone bills. While some, of these costs, or in some cases most, are impossible to cut … [Read more...]

Accounting in Singapore

Books of account are necessary for any business. It enables it to know its financial status as to whether it is currently making income, or is losing money. This enables the business to make more informed business decisions as it can readily determine the direction that it has to take merely by checking its books.  It also makes it easier for the business to comply with any tax requests that it may receive from the government as it can readily support its claims again by merely having its … [Read more...]

Creating an LLC – Singapore

Often times incorporation may be taken for granted. The words .INC at the end of the company name may sometimes be insignificant to a layman. That should not be the case. Incorporating is the primary step in starting any corporation. This is basically the time when the corporation is born. Without going through this step, a company, strictly speaking, does not exist. Generally, without having been incorporated, all activities done subsequent to it are deemed to have no effect. Incorporation is … [Read more...]