Comparing Singapore and Vietnam

An effort of comparing Singapore Vietnam needs much more patience than would conventionally be expected. This is because life in the two countries can only be compared to the extreme ends of a pendulum, with a few traces here and there of commonality. Having lived in Vietnam, for example, entry to the life in Singapore is very much akin to entrance to an Aladdin’s cave! Needless to say, however, this article compares the two countries on a number of fronts.   Life Expectancy   To … [Read more...]

Singapore versus Malaysia

The relationship between Singapore and Malaysia can be said to be akin to that of siblings with bitter, but very subtle, rivalry. This article compares and contrasts the two countries on the basis of a number of fronts. What is essential plain is the fact that whereas both countries have made enormous strides in the quest to make advances in various fields, they are distinctly different.  Whereas the citizens of both countries can point to the little economic differences between the … [Read more...]

Comparing Singapore and the Philippines

It is unavoidable that, as at the moment, the place and standing of Singapore is a little farther up the ladder than Philippines. A myriad of factors have, over a number of decades, led to the varied differences to nations that once appeared peers. Whereas it is logical to attribute the differences to the efficient and industrious nature of the Singaporean people, due caution should be observed in drawing such conclusions in the face of an inextricable web of different situations that have faced … [Read more...]

Trade in India and Singapore

What you need to know about Singapore  Singapore, the world’s only city state, is considered as one of the strongest economies in the globe. The political and economic landscape in the country has continued to attract many foreign investors and institutions which have contributed greatly to its strong economy. Its strategic location as a trading hub facilitates the influx of goods and services in and out of the country. Singapore’s trade to GDP ratio is the highest in the world and its … [Read more...]

Trade – Singapore vs. Indonesia

What you need to know about Singapore  Singapore, or often referred to as the Lion City, is a finance, transport, and commerce hub that is known globally. Although small in terms of landmass, Singapore is recognized and has been acknowledged as the easiest place to do business in.  With an economy labelled as free, dynamic, innovative, and business-friendly, there is no wonder that Singapore economy and trade have been growing significantly each year, resulting to a higher GDP per … [Read more...]