Life in Singapore – Politics

Singapore is primarily a democratic country. It has a Parliamentary representative government headed by a Prime Minister who serves as the head of government. Singapore also has a President who is also duly elected by its citizens, and who formally served only as the head of state. Like most other democratic countries, Singapore has three branches of government, namely, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. Though not necessary a strict application of the doctrine of separation of … [Read more...]

Life in Singapore – Healthcare

Among the many things that Singapore is known for is its healthcare system. The World Health Organization (WHO) in its 2000 World Health Report placed Singapore in the 6th place on its ranking of health systems across the globe. The country’s healthcare system is characterized as an efficient and widespread one. The government places a premium on its healthcare program and ensures affordable access via subsidies and compulsory savings. The Ministry of Health, which is primarily in charge with … [Read more...]

Life in Singapore- Food

With its history as a seaport, Singapore has a diverse cuisine coupled up with the rich cultural influences and interactions. Ethnic influences include the cuisines of the native Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and the western region forming a diverse culinary scene. Singapore and its citizens are proud of their food heritage, and they see it as a national identity and a unifying cultural thread.  Singaporeans perceive food as a national pastime and eating as a national … [Read more...]

Life in Singapore – Education

Good quality education is one the things that Singapore is known for across the world as it is one of the top priorities of the state. The Ministry of Education handles all matters concerning education in the country. It oversees how state schools are run and it also supervises the affairs of private institutions. Education is one of the top items in the government’s budget with the funds being used to subsidize state and state-assisted programs. Overall, the quality of education in the country … [Read more...]

Life in Singapore – Climate

Singapore’s climate is for the most part similar to its neighboring countries which are also located near the equator. Common weather characteristics that can be observed with regard to the climates in the area include high temperature and high levels of rain. Because also of their location, weather patterns experienced by the people who live in the countries in this region are almost constant with no dramatic changes felt throughout the year. Because of these factors, the chances of predicting … [Read more...]