Corporate Management

Business and Math Games for Kids

Having strong math skills will help you succeed no matter what career you choose. If you think you want to start your own business someday, you will be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and starts a business, working to make it a success. Running your own business means that you need math skills so you will know how to manage your expenses and income. You can learn these skills in school, but you can also get better at them by playing games online. Business Games … [Read more...]

Women’s Business Resources

In the past, business owners were most often male. Today, women of all ages are also starting and successfully running businesses of their own. According to the National Women's Business Council's latest survey, there are more than nine million businesses that are owned by women. The path to creating a successful company can be difficult for women, however, as they may face challenges that their male counterparts do not. Fortunately, there are many organizations that can help make the process … [Read more...]

Business Guide to Using Excel

Business Guide to Using Excel Excel is a Microsoft Office spreadsheet program that people use to store, organize, and manipulate data. Excel is useful for many different business applications, including accounting, sales, budgeting, planning, reporting, and tracking. Any business that needs to keep track of numbers or lists can benefit from using Excel, from financial firms to engineering companies to schools. An Excel spreadsheet stores information in worksheets inside of workbooks, and this … [Read more...]

Studying Business: Trademark and Intellectual Property

Anyone operating a business needs to have at least some understanding of trademark and copyright law to protect their intellectual property. These laws are in place to protect the interests and rights of people who invent or create things, processes, or ideas. Even the logo or slogan of a company needs protection as a trademark that identifies the company in the minds of consumers. Some laws offer protection from the second a work is created, without the owner needing to do anything legal to … [Read more...]

Essential Guide to Business Resources on the Web

Anyone striving to run a small business learns about the value of trustworthy resources quickly. Gaining information and support can often help a business owner succeed. The Internet offers a variety of business resources, many of them available without charge or for a nominal fee. Explore resources for form templates, software, networking, and more to help your business succeed. Finance Small Business Development Center: This national organization exists to help small-business owners with … [Read more...]